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Are you preparing for your family?

This week we are completing another tax season. We do not know what the future will hold but please be assured that we are available to you. One thing that I would like to address with each and everyone of you is something that I have witnessed too much of and that is persons passing away with little or no life insurance! Families are being destroyed by lack of planning and we are encouraging everyone to look at their current insurance and their actual insurance needs. Please do this, it is very important

If you have an insurance person that you are comfortable working with please do but if not we are her to help. We are NY state licensed to sell life insurance and will be happy to work with you to evaluate your current and future needs.

Additionally, we have seen people passing away without a will and proper planning causing unforeseen issues to their family. Our estate planning attorney is here to help you sort this all through.

We want you to know that we are here to help with all of your personal and business needs. Please feel free to contact our office.

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