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When it comes to strategic tax planning and keeping more money in your pocket, nothing is more important than accurate books. Frequently small business owners try to do it all; handling their own bookkeeping, guessing when it comes to tax planning, and worse yet, making everyday business decisions based on inaccurate financial information. The indirect costs involved often come at a great price. Lack of time to focus on what you do best, failure to secure financing due to lack of preparedness, or perhaps a cash flow crisis that makes it difficult to stay afloat. Your tax preparer and bookkeeper need to work together on your behalf as accurate books are a necessity for both tax planning and optimized daily business operations.

Here is the good news… WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! Continental Tax Planners, can take all or part of the bookkeeping nightmare off your plate and so much more. We bring a lot to the table and far more than our outstanding tax/accounting/bookkeeping knowledge and skill. Our team can explain what your numbers mean, teach you how to predict and avoid a cash flow crisis, provide guidance on simple action steps to improve your bottom line and share tips to help you excel in business. Together we can put your company on the fast track to success!


Give us a call and explain your biggest challenges in a free initial consultation. We will make a recommendation on a course of action to improve company performance and will provide a fair bid. Most clients are shocked at how much less it costs to outsource the bookkeeping function compared to an in-house bookkeeper. Good books are an essential business necessity andContinental Tax Planners is prepared and standing by to help. We are fellow small business owners who understand your short and long term challenges. Our team has worked through many of these same problems in our own business, not to mention countless other small businesses we have helped. Let us put our experience to work for you!


Continental Tax Planners

337 Merrick Road, Unit 7, Lynbrook, NY 11563

(516) 623-7700

167 Forest Ave, Locust Valley, NY 11560

(516) 671-3344

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