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IRS Mail Backlog Update (excerpt from WSJ article by Richard Rubin)

WASHINGTON—The Internal Revenue Service is still digging out from a backlog of millions of pieces of mail and trying to get outstanding stimulus payments authorized by Congress in March to as many people as possible this fall, Commissioner Charles Rettig said Wednesday.

The mail backlog is now at 5.3 million, about half of what it was a few months ago, and the IRS is using multiple shifts, overtime pay and mail shipments to less-stressed facilities to whittle that down. The agency is opening about 1.3 million pieces of mail a week but also receiving 300,000 to 500,000 each week, suggesting that the backlog could be cleared within a month or two.

Mr. Rettig, appearing before a House subcommittee, praised agency employees amid temporary office closures and aging technology.

“Our people are working really hard,” he said.

He also acknowledged the IRS’s inability to respond to taxpayers quickly enough and asked lawmakers for sustained funding to reverse a decade of cuts that have weakened enforcement and reduced taxpayer service. #contaxplan

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